The Catchrad Metal Products Co.,Ltd.


The Catchrad Metal Products Co., Ltd. is a leading professional manufacturing and exporting factory of radiators and towel rails with CE certification in China.

With 15 years' experience and expertise of production and export of different designs and RAL colors, we have been marketing our products to UK, Germany, Belgium, Ukraine, Georgia and Russia.

We design, innovate and produce our radiators and towel rails according to the traditional styles and contemporary trends on the basis of our clients' drawings, requirements, suggestions and quality standard.

Over the past years, we have been enjoying a high reputation among our clients for our good credit, fine quality and superior service.

The Features of Catchrad Radiators


A. Materials


1. Tubes/pipes: made of superior quality, cold-pressed and low-carbon steel tubes and pipes with all the tube wall thickness of 1.5mm, ensuring the load capacity and good heat radiating function as well. Some other factories often use common steel of more impurities to reduce cost, causing easily the leakage of the radiators, and when the welding pressure is larger, the products are prone to deformation. Some bad factories even use steel tube with wall thickness of 1.2 mm, not only reducing the load capacity of radiators, but also decreasing their continuous thermal conductivity.


2. Accessories: all our accessories are made of raw materials of superior quality in standard factories, ensuring the security of radiator installation and operation. Some other manufacturers use accessories produced by nonstandard plants by reducing the wall thickness of accessories, such as narrow and thin brackets, leading to the existence of great potential safety hazard when the radiators are hanged and used.


3. Auxiliary materials: all the auxiliary materials are made in in standard factories and are 100% inspected by Catchrad at the time of entrance into Catchrad factory to ensure the product stability during processing. Auxiliary materials are often used in the process of production of the radiator, and for key parts such as welding wire, pipe stopper, nozzle, etc. If these are made in nonstandard plants, it is easy to cause product inconsistency and quality instability, thus the product quality problems outstand.


4. Logistics: Catchrad provides logistics service, ensuring duly delivery of products at low expenses. Few other factories provide logistics services, and lack communications with the logistic company designated by buyer, thus increasing buyer’s logistics expenses.


B. Process Criteria


1. Cutting: the tubes/pipes are cut and molded by digital laser machine, to ensure the accuracy of specifications. Other factories use the old manual cutting, causing the error of the pipe size in the first step of size processing, thus affecting the subsequent working procedure and making size deviation of the products.


2. Holes punching: different hole punching tooling are used on different diameter tube materials to ensure the accuracy of subsequent process of products. Other factories take hole-drilling way without forming a complete set of grinding tools. It’s very difficult for them to ensure accuracy and unity of water holes.


3 .Welding: all joint places are welded automatically by machines.
Some other factories use simple welding equipment, even manual welding. It’s hard for them to guarantee the robustness and standard unity of the welded parts.


4. Tolerance accurate adjustment: after each unit of product is welded, the tolerance is checked and accurately adjusted to ensure that all the specs are within the required tolerance standard. Other factories products can’t guarantee product diagonal dimension and level up degree.


5. Pre-treatment: the environmental-protection-accredited pretreatment of rust removal and phosphoric treatment etc. guarantee the good finish of products and their durability of usage. Some other factories simply use sandblasting for derusting, however, the sandblasting process is difficult to guarantee the rust removing effect of inner angles and dead space of lapped welding products, so it brings hidden danger to anti-rust of the products. There are some factories which use old pretreatment process, such as phosphating. Their usage of chemicals such as acid causes great harm to the environment.


6. Powder-coating: all products are spray-painted with environmental-protection outdoor powder of good-repute factory by electrostatic spray, ensuring the uniformity of color level, processing craft, and exterior exquisiteness. The large standard powder factory owns maturity powder processing technology and superior quality and its price is higher than other small powder plant, so not a few radiator factories only use the powder of small factory and the poor quality of powder seriously affects the exterior of the radiators.


C. Check of Quality


1. Inspection on different process: during production, each stage of process is inspected to reduce the occurrence of defective materials and defective semi-finished products in circulation. The majority of other factories set up finished goods inspection personnel only.


2. Pressure-test in water: it is conducted on tubes/ pipes, semi-finished products after welding and pre-treatment. All completed products are pressure-tested in water to ensure that 100% products have no leakage. Some other factories don’t have finished goods inspection.


3. Powder coating inspection: it’s conducted for 3 times on all finished products. The thickness of the molded powder, glossiness and fastness are checked by utilizing professional equipment for the batch sampling, ensuring product finish are up to standard before leaving factory. Other factories just inspect the appearance and do not make professional inspection on other factors.